Do you get anxious and frustrated when things don’t work out the way that you wanted them to? Do you spend a lot of time either dwelling in the past (going back over what you’ve said or done and thinking you could have done it differently), or future-tripping (worrying about what may or may not happen next)? Do you wish that you could be more present and in your body, instead of so caught up in your head?

If so, this course is designed to stop you:

  • overthinking and not being able to see the wood for the trees
  • feeling constantly frustrated with how things are and wishing they were different 
  • getting stuck in a cycle of comparison and judgement
  • feeling worried and stressed, unable to fully relax

By the end of it, you will be able to:   

  • consciously feel your emotions in order not to get overwhelmed by them
  • feel at peace in the present moment without needing to control anything  
  • see how the ego distracts you from your inner calm and dismiss its attempts  
  • focus on your physical presence instead of on your mental movie-theatre


Over the course of 3 separate modules which will focus on:  

  1. Your emotions 
  2. Your ego  
  3. Accepting reality as it is 


Inside all of us is a calm centre, but external events and our inner egoic voice are very good at throwing us off balance. 

If, however, you can learn how to cultivate an awareness of that inner centre - regardless of what anything else is doing to distract you away from it - you have a choice over whether or not to come back to it. 

Through choosing to better understand what creates (and disturbs) your peace of mind, you are in control of your life experiences. 

You are choosing to no longer be a victim of circumstance but to become aware instead of the power that you have in assigning meaning to events and situations.

Through practising the tools that you will learn in this course:

  • noticing and allowing your emotions to pass through you instead of allowing yourself to become overwhelmed by them 
  • observing how your ego works only to justify its existence
  • anchoring yourself in the present moment by learning to focus your attention on the physical instead of on mental analysis will feel less frustrated about the past, less stressed about the future, less caught up in a cycle of judgement and comparison, and able to trust in the flow of life! 

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